Daughter's Accident

  • Introduction: This is a fictional account of a man raising his teenage daughter, and this leads to an incestuous relationship. If this is not your cup of tea, please move on. This story does NOT involve forced sex or abuse, but is about a loving, tender relationship that could well happen. If you enjoy, please vote, and comments are welcome.   Daughter’s Accident

    When Chelsea was nine, her mother died of cancer, and I was left to raise her alone. This was not a problem, because Chelsea was smart, active, cute and all around, a “good” little girl. She was growing to be the spitting image of her mother, with bright red hair, brilliant blue eyes and a smile that would light up the room.

    When Chelsea was younger, up until about the age of six, I would bath her, periodically, but she was just a cute child, and not the object of any sexual attraction to me. Her mother and I had a terrific and varied sex life until her illness, and after her death, I had no particular interest in other women, though I dated, occasionally, and had even bedded one or two women. When Chelsea turned ten, I began talking to her about the “birds and the bees”, and explaining sex to her on a very basic level. From time to time, an issue would come up, and I would explain more to her, and we had an open communication. She could ask any question, and I would explain it to her as completely as I could.

    When she was eleven, she began menstruating, and I explained this to her, and bought her the necessary feminine hygiene products, and explained their use, as well as I could. The school nurse also helped in this regard, and she did just fine. From time to time, I would get a glimpse of her, naked, and noted she was developing into quite a young lady, but I did not make it a habit to look or spy. I also suspect she saw me naked, but we made no big deal about it. My sex life was mainly one of masturbation, and that was just fine.

    When she was twelve, she got very sick from the flu, and I had to bath and dress her, and noted her body was maturing very well. Chelsea had an athletic figure; she was short, but muscular, like a gymnast, and had a cute, firm butt, muscular arms and legs, and her breasts were already beginning to develop nicely. I took her to the store and had one of the ladies fit her for bras, and it seemed like every six months, we had to repeat the process, because she was developing rapidly.

    She surprised me one day when she asked me what a “blowjob” and what “eating pussy” meant. She was aware, apparently, of oral sex; I had mentioned it to her as part of her sex education, but these terms puzzled her, and I explained they were just slang terms for oral sex. She told me the kids were talking about this, and some of the boys and girls at school were experimenting with oral sex, but she assured me she had not. We had an extensive conversation about this, and she promised me she would not be doing this with any of the boys from school. She did confess to me that she “occasionally” touched herself, and confirmed that she had experienced a great deal of pleasure from this, so I proceeded to explain an orgasm and what “cum” meant. I told her that this was normal, but she should only do it in private and not around others.

    When Chelsea was almost fifteen, she was a knockout, and a number of boys were coming around and paying a great deal of attention to her. She was very popular in school and was a cheerleader. I recalled that when I was that age, she would have been my idea of the “ideal” girl, and I had a long talk with her about boys and their intentions, and again, got her promise to be very careful and to avoid sex until she was older. She again revealed to me that she had kissed a boy and he had touched her breasts and tried to touch her “down there”, and she had touched one of the boys cocks and it had “squirted” on her hand, but she had only done this once, and didn’t want to do it again, because the boy apparently told some of his friends, and they had teased her. This made me angry, but also gave me the chance to explain why she should be very selective about who she went out with and what she did.

    Shortly after this conversation, Chelsea had her accident. While practicing a cheerleading routine, she had been thrown high in the air, but the “catchers” had missed and she had fallen and broken both arms. She was taken to the hospital and casts were put on both arms, from her biceps to her wrists, and her arms were generally immobile. I picked her up and brought her home; she would be out of school for several weeks to heal.

    Once home, I had to be her nurse, and this meant dressing and undressing her, and as I found out, even bathing her and helping her with toileting. On the first night home from the hospital, she asked if she could have a bath, because she was feeling very sticky, so I drew her a hot bath, and got her undressed, and into the tub. She was clearly not a “little girl” any longer and while her body would no doubt continue to develop, it was already ripe and lush. Her breasts were nicely formed with large, puffy nipples and areolas and her buttocks were round and firm. Her pussy was nicely puffed with large lips and a bright pink slit. She had dark red pubic hair, but I was surprised to see she had shaved the area so only a small exclamation point showed directly above her slit. I couldn’t help but stare, and I began to get an erection without meaning to.

    Chelsea noticed me staring, and didn’t seem to mind; in fact, she seemed to make sure I got a good look by not making any effort to hide herself. I began to wash her with a soapy washcloth, and when I was about through, she asked “Daddy, will you wash me again with just your hands. They feel a lot better than that cloth”. 

    I did so, and my hands slid over her smooth skin, and when I washed her breasts, I could feel her nipples harden and detected a little shutter run through her. She even moaned softly when I touched them.

    “Now, do my bottom, please” she asked me. And again, I washed her legs and thighs, and then her little anus, letting my finger massage her tight little hole, to insure it was clean. My hand slid to the front, and I washed her vaginal opening, letting one finger slide up her slit, and again, she moaned and shuddered; I could tell she had experienced a mild climax. The lips of her vagina, though shaved, had a tiny bit of stubble on them, as the pubic hair was beginning to grow out. I thought nothing of this, but my mouth was dry and I had a hard on that wouldn’t quit.

    I started to help her out of the tub and dry her off, when she said “Daddy…would you do me a favor?”

    “Of course, sweetheart. What can I do for you?” I answered.

    “Wellll…I can’t do it myself, but I’m starting to itch under my arms and around my bottom, because the hair is growing back. Would you mind…shaving me?”

    I must have looked embarrassed or shocked, because I didn’t answer her right away, so she continued “I’m sorry to ask you…if you don’t want to, that’s OK”.

    “No, honey…I don’t mind. I used to do that for your mother, but it’s been quite a while. Let me get you arranged and get what I need.” I told her.

    I toweled her off and took her to the bedroom, and had her sit on a towel on the end of the bed.

    I shave my head, and a trick I learned from a Greek barber is to use cream hair conditioner instead of shaving soap when I shave. It is much smoother; you almost cannot nick yourself, and it leaves the skin soft and costs a lot less than shaving cream. I returned with a razor and a bottle of conditioner and first shaved her armpits until they were nice and smooth. I wiped the conditioner away, and powdered her underarms.

    Then, I had her lay back on the bed and spread her legs. My God, what a beautiful young pussy she had. My cock was throbbing, though I did my best not to let it show. I poured some conditioner into my palm, and rubbed it on both hands, then began to coat her upper thighs and the young lips with the slippery cream. I could see moisture in her slit and a little trickle running down her leg and I knew that my young daughter was sexually aroused. I decided that if she could, she would have taken care of the problem, herself, and masturbated for relief, but she couldn’t do that, so I would have to do it for her.

    I began to shave her thighs, first, working both sides until they were smooth, and then moved to shave her pussy lips. I had to stretch the skin, slightly, and I used my thumb to hold the top, and it pressed on her little clit, which caused her hips to jump as a small contraction hit her. I continued with the razor, being very careful not to let it catch or nick her anywhere. Her eyes were closed, and she was very gently undulating her hips up and down in a sensual motion and moaning, softly. When I was through shaving her skin to a smooth finish, I began to wipe away the conditioner and used my fingers to smooth some of it into her skin. 

    I was about to stop, when she said “Daddy…I need more…please. I need to…finish…” It was clear what she wanted, so I began to stroke her clit and put a fingertip into her slit until she exploded in a huge climax and squirted moisture onto my fingers and onto the towel.

    “Thank you…that was wonderful, Daddy” she gasped, breathing heavily. I just leaned over and kissed her Mons very gently, then said “You’re welcome, sweetheart. It was my pleasure”. And it was.

    “What about you, Daddy?” she looked at me very seriously.

    “What do you mean, sweetheart?” I asked her.

    Her eyes fell to my crotch where my obvious hard on showed, and she just smiled and said “You need to get relief, too. May I watch you?” I was stunned, but excited, at the same time. I had intended to go to my room and masturbate, anyway, but I was so turned on, I needed immediate relief.

    I just stood, undid my pants and let them fall to the floor and my cock stood straight up at attention. I stood between my daughters legs, with my cock sticking out over her and began to stroke, while looking at her delicious young body. She was watching me, intently, mesmerized by the sight of my cock and she licked her lips while she looked. It didn’t take but a few seconds until I began to squirt cum onto her breasts and belly; I released about a half dozen good shots before the spasms gradually stopped, and I collapsed onto the bed beside her, gasping for breath.

    “That was…awesome” Chelsea whispered.

    “”Yes…I needed that” I answered her. I got up, eventually, and got a warm washcloth to clean us both up, then helped her get dressed and went in to fix dinner.
    That night, I again helped Chelsea undress and was going to put her nightgown on, but she stopped me and said “Can I sleep in your bed, tonight, Daddy?” I looked at her lush body, and could not say no. She insisted on sleeping in the nude.

    Once in my bed, she asked me to kiss her, and when I did, she offered her tongue, which I accepted, and we exchanged a long and passionate French kiss. My hands had a mind of their own, and I began to explore her body; her nipples were erect and firm and her pussy was again soaking wet. My cock was throbbing and hard. I began to kiss her neck and down to her breasts, and began to kiss and lick her belly. Chelsea whispered “Daddy…please eat my pussy”, so I proceeded lower.
    I licked her slit, and found her clit with the tip of my tongue. As she moaned and her hips bucked, I sucked the little nubbin into my mouth and began to massage it with my tongue. I slipped a finger into her pussy, and began to massage when she exploded in a screaming climax, her body thrashing in convulsions of pleasure.

    Once she was done, I lay back on my back, and she crawled over me, and using the casts on her arms as supports, she leaned over and began to lick my cock and my balls. I directed her how to lick and suck, and when she took my cock into her mouth, I began to stroke myself and also began to hump up to meet her mouth, in a fucking motion. Soon, our movements were in perfect synch and it didn’t take long for me to cum. Chelsea never stopped sucking until I was drained and had to push her head away because I was too sensitive.

    Over the next six weeks, until Chelsea got her casts off, we had sex at least once a day; it started as masturbation and oral sex, but though she asked, I refused to have intercourse with her, until her arms were out of the casts. I don’t know why…I guess I wanted to keep her from that until she had a choice. Until she was healed, she couldn’t take care of herself, and needed my help.

    Once she had the casts removed, and had use of her arms, again, I thought things would go back to the way they were, before. But Chelsea came into my room, naked, and snuggled up to me. “Daddy…I don’t want to stop…please”. I took her into my arms, and began to kiss her and stroke her back. Her body molded against me, and I felt between her legs and she was sopping wet.

    I lay her on her back, and began to slowly kiss down her front until I was licking her pussy. She let me do this for only a moment, and then she pulled me up and whispered in my ear “Daddy…please put it in me”. I moved into position, and placed the head of my cock into her little slit and began rubbing it up and down until she was good and wet; then I pushed gently until the head was fully in. Chelsea thrust her hips up to meet me, and tried to force it even deeper, so I held still and let her work herself onto my cock, as deep as she was comfortable. She was tight, but apparently enjoyed the feeling as much as I did. Before long, I was into her completely, and began a long, slow fuck. I began whispering into Chelsea’s ear…”Fuck me back, darlin’…make it feel good…fuck daddy good”. Just dirty phrases that I knew would stimulate her mind, and before long, her tight pussy started contracting and squeezing my cock, and she was milking me as fast as her hips could move. She started mumbling back to me…similar nasty phrases…”Fuck me deep, Daddy…fuck me faster…” as she had one orgasm after another. I could hold back no longer, and slammed into her as hard as I could as I released a load.

    “Oh, yesssssssss…” she cried as I emptied into her.

    We fell asleep in each other’s arms, and the next morning, resumed our outwardly normal life. We both knew this was just the beginning…

    Now, if it seems like my daughter was the “aggressor” in these couplings, most of the time, she was. She was young, curious, and couldn’t seem to get enough sex, once she was exposed to it. I tried to talk to her about this, and cool the situation (though admittedly, I was thoroughly enjoying it), but she simply informed me that she liked sex…a lot…and if she couldn’t get it at home, she would have to get it elsewhere, so I was stuck, so to speak. 

    Don’t get me wrong…I wanted her as much as she wanted me, and would occasionally start the action. One of my favorite times was when I would come into the kitchen in the morning, and Chelsea would have on nothing but a little tee shirt or shorty nightgown that only came to the base of her buttocks. I would come up behind her, nuzzle her neck, and begin to feel her tits and her pussy, while I slipped my cock between her legs from behind. She would push her butt out, put her arms against the counter, spread her legs, and give me full access to fuck her from behind while she stood there and braced for my thrusts. I don’t know why…I just loved fucking her in this position. I also enjoyed doing her doggy style. We tried anal intercourse, but though she loves having her anus stimulated and even penetrated by my finger or a small dildo, she did not like anal intercourse, as she said it was too painful. She did love it when I got some balls on a string that you push up into the anus, and then as she was having an orgasm, I would slowly pull them out; each one would “pop” out, and she said it greatly intensified her climax.

    Chelsea would occasionally come home from school and demonstrate one of her new cheerleading routines for me. Usually, she would do this while nude…or topless…or without panties on under the short skirt. I loved these little displays, and they always led to incredibly hot sex.

    Eventually, Chelsea went off to college, but from time to time, would come home for a visit with Daddy, and we would make love almost continuously while she was at home. She often had a new position, or method or some other play she wanted to try, and we would try it. Then, just before her graduation, she brought a young man home and introduced him as her fianc?They were getting married after graduation…I was both happy and sad.

    After they were married, they went to live about fifty miles away from my house, but every so often, Chelsea would come to visit Daddy, and we would have incredible sex before she would return home. They now have two lovely children, but Chelsea still comes by, now and then, for a special visit with Daddy…and she says it is still the best sex she has ever had.




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