My Daughter's Slumber Party

  • Introduction: I haven't had to stop to jack off this much since "Me, My Girlfriend, And Her Mom".   I know it's been a while since I wrote a loveless simple fuck-story like this, but my perverted side wouldn't stop clawing at the inside of my head. But I have to say, I'm pretty proud of this one...

    I don’t care if you call me a pedophile, I don’t care if you call me a criminal, and I don’t care if you call me a horrible person. I just hope you don’t call the police. My name is John Anderson, and I want to fuck my preteen daughter. I didn’t know how to put that politely, so I decided to just come out and say it. My daughter’s name is Lisa, she’s twelve years old, she has dirty-blond hair, and I want to violate her so badly that thinking about her while jacking off gives me the best range imaginable (if you get my drift…). But she isn’t the only one I want to fuck, oh no, not by a long shot. 
    Lisa has four friends, and I have all jacked off (might I add “furiously”) to the thought of ramming their skinny, twelve-year old, jailbait bodies. Her first friend is named Ellen Su, a Korean girl that moved to the states six years ago. As you can imagine, a twelve-year old Asian girl doesn’t really have much going for her in the figure department. Her body is so petite and compacted, the only way you could fuck her is if you first pried her cunt open with a crowbar.
    Her second friend has light-brunette hair and loves horses. Her name is Anna and she’s filling out faster than the other girls, having already replaced her training bra with a real bra, so I always love watching her go horseback riding. Seeing those young tits bounce makes me jizz my pants every time.
    Her third friend is going to be a slut; it’s obvious. Her name is Julia, and she’s in second place in the maturing competition between the five. She has no sense of modesty, she wears open tops to show off her barely evident cleavage, she’s always wearing skimpy shorts or miniskirts, and I know for a fact she flirts with me. Whenever she comes over, she always makes lewd suggestions (while making sure that they are innocent enough so that she can never be called on any of them) and she’s always lightly touching me. She’s actually the one I least want to fuck, since there would be so little of a challenge in getting her to do it, and I doubt there would be much innocence to take away from her. But saying that she is the one I least want to ram is like saying she’s the Ferrari that I would least like to have in my garage.
    Lisa’s fourth friend is also her absolute best. Her name is Emily, and the only difference between the two of them is that she has blond hair. Other than that, they have all the same opinions, all the same interests, and can practically read each other’s minds.
    Now here is some information on me: I’m 38 years old, have a strong hairline, and am luckily scrawny instead of fat. Five years ago, my wife left me because I wouldn’t stop suggesting a threesome, trying new sex acts, and constantly trying to mount her no matter what time it was and what room we were in (yeah, big surprise). Personally, I was glad to see her go. The day after we got married, she became a coldhearted bitch with a cunt drier than the Sahara Desert. A year after the divorce, she was killed in a car accident. There is a god! After that, I got sole custody of Lisa, and a few years later… that’s when I started getting erections around her.
    Up until now, I thought that there was no possible way in the universe that I would be able to fuck any of them. I thought I would have to be content with Internet porn and personal fantasies. That belief changed with the arrival of two pieces of news: a new sex shop was opening up in town and there was a new drug out on the streets. It was a modified form of Ecstasy, one that had less affect on the brain but more affect on the sex drive, though it was still strong enough for someone to make bad decisions. But at least you wouldn’t have any hallucinations and delusions with it.
    If there were one place I could get some of this stuff, it would be the sex shop. Where else could I get the equivalent of the ultimate aphrodisiac liquor?! Plus, that wasn’t the only thing I could get there…
    Right after I heard these two pieces of the information, I was unable to focus on anything; TV, work, or even porn. Every thought in my mind was occupied with the decision of whether I could and should use that drug on any of those girls to fuck them. On one hand, drugging and raping them would send me to jail for the rest of my life if the drugs didn’t erase their memories. But on the other hand, just the thought that I might be able to do them and get away with it made masturbating to one of my fantasies even greater. When I found out that they were planning on having one huge slumber party in my house, you could say that the decision was made for me.

    The feeling I experienced when I stepped into that sex shop could easily be compared to culture shock. There were dozens of shelves spread across the floor and along the walls, buried under dildos, vibrators, fleshlights, blow-up dolls, handcuffs, gags, blindfolds, and porn! Oh, there was so much porn! The windows had to be tinted so that no one on the outside would see it all! There were a few guys wandering around the shelves, all with hoods on.
    “Welcome to the Empornium, how might I satisfy you today?” The cashier asked with a laugh. He had a mullet, a beard, and a baseball cap on. I turned to him with a look of amazement on my face.
    “Why couldn’t you guys open this place sooner! This building just became my personal Mecca!” I exclaimed, holding my arms out to my sides and then dropping them. The cashier laughed again.
    “We get that a lot. So what do you need?” He asked.
    “I’m planning on having a “party”, and I was wondering what I should get.” I shrugged as I walked over.
    “Alright, what kind of “party”? Will it be gamey or themed, or just straight-forward?” He asked, seeking clarification.
    “Mostly straight forward, with some room for a little unorthodox entertainment.” I hummed, holding my hand flat and shaking it from side to side.
    “And who will the people be?” He then asked.
    “Five women and myself.” I answered, almost having to stop myself from saying my daughter and her four friends.
    “Ah, so you’re a player instead of a Caligula. The thing with a reverse-gangbang is that you need a way to keep all the women entertained. True, you can keep a couple busy with your dick and your mouth, and maybe a third with your hands, but you still have two left that will feel left out or be annoyed, not to mention that the third with your hands is a long shot.
    You need to get into the “orgy” state of mind and come prepared for all of them. Might I suggest… a double-head, a strap-on, and a few gags?” He nodded.
    “Do you have any suggestions?” I asked.
    “Yeah, hold on.” He replied, reaching under the counter.
    He pulled out a red translucent double-dildo, a purple strap-on, and five ball gags.
    “The double-head is 14 inches of a very strong but flexible rubber for double-penetration and ass-to-ass. The strap-on is made of a much sturdier rubber to actually help the ones wearing. I think it’s a fantastic idea; the girls who use these in porn always have to hold them with one hand because they bend so easily, meaning that they can never work up any speed or rhythm. The gags are made of silicon and are soft enough so that they won’t hurt their teeth, but won’t just collapse in their mouths like gum.”
    “Perfect, I’ll take them all.” I said, pulling out my credit card. 
    As I paid for the toys, the cashier packed them up into a plain paper bag. Before he handed them to me, I looked around to make sure none of the other guys in the store would hear me. I leaned over the counter.
    “By the way, you wouldn’t happen to have anything that could get them… “in the mood”, would you?” I asked. The cashier smiled as he understood.
    “Ah, you want a little E?” He asked.
    “Actually, I was hoping for some of the “refined” stuff…” I hinted.
    “Ah, you guys really work fast. I just got some this morning.” He chuckled.
    “I think I only need two hits, how much will it cost?”
    “Let’s just call it an even fifty bucks.” He replied. I handed him the cash and he dropped the two pills into the bag.
    “By the way, I also slipped in a special testicular prolonging pill. You’ll be able to last over an hour with it. Have fun.” The cashier said, raising his eyebrows.
    “Oh, I will.” I responded as I took the bag.

    The girls were all situated in the living room, having pushed all the furniture against the walls to make room for their sleeping bags like they always did. They were all wearing nothing but t-shirts and panties, so of course, I was struggling to hide my throbbing erection. I couldn’t help but lick my lips at the sight of their bare thighs, barely-hidden ass cheeks, and nipples almost poking through their thin shirts. I stepped into the house with a two-liter bottle of Pepsi.
    “Hey honey, I got that soda that you asked for.” I hummed, holding up the bottle. Lisa rushed over and hugged me.
    “Oh, thank you Daddy!” She said giddily. Seeing her in her thin shirt and skimpy panties was making it nearly impossible for me not to just rip off her clothes and violate here, right on the hardwood floor in front of her friends.
    “Any time sweetie. I’m going to have some of this too, but I’ll leave plenty for you and your friends.” I hummed as she let go. 
    I quickly turned away to hide my erection and walked into the kitchen. I grabbed a glass from the cabinet above the fridge and opened up the Pepsi bottle. I filled the glass and then held my hand over the mouth of the bottle. I was holding the cap and the two pills of enhanced Ecstasy. My hand was shaking so badly that I couldn’t control it. If I went through with this, I could lose everything, or I could have the greatest night of my life. 
    “Hey, Mr. Anderson, can we get the Pepsi?” Julia asked as she suddenly stepped into the kitchen. 
    I nearly jumped a foot off the ground at the sound of her voice and the two pieces of Ecstasy into the bottle. Yet again, it looked like the decision had been made for me. The Ecstasy disappeared as it sank into the Pepsi, instantly beginning to break apart and spread through the liquid. Two hits of Ecstasy diluted in two liters of soda and spread out over give girls… no matter what the ratio, those girls were going to be wired all night.
    “Yeah… here…” I said nervously, handing her the bottle. Julia gained a coy smile and took a drink from the bottle.
    “It’s going to be a fun night.” She said teasingly. 
    Not for a second did I wonder if she was acting like this because she knew what I was planning, merely for the fact that she always acted like this. As she walked away, I watched her swinging hips and her sexy ass cheeks, barely hidden by her thin panties. I put my hand on the bulge in my pants and emptied my glass, but not before taking a Viagra and the third pill that the cashier had given.
    “It sure will.” I hummed to myself.

    I constantly walked back and forth outside of the living room, looking into it through the corner of my eye without making it seem like I was up to anything. It was obvious that the drugs were taking affect; they were acting goofier than usual, they were constantly squirming and rubbing their thighs together, and talking about the boys at their school without pause.
    “How are you girls doing?” I asked, poking my head into the living room. I had just finished trimming my pubes so that I would still have a fair amount of “background”, but the girls wouldn’t get a mouthful of air when I had them blow me.
    “We’re fine Daddy.” Lisa said with a smile. All of the girls had the same smile and were even blushing.
    “Do any of you want anything?” I asked, stepping into the room.
    “Come in and sit with us!” Anna said brightly.
    “No, you don’t want a man like me intruding…” I hummed modestly.
    “No, we do! We’re going to play Truth Or Dare and we want you to play with us!” Ellen said. I smiled when I saw she was licking and chewing on her lips. All of the girls’ hormones were going out of control and they couldn’t think straight.
    “Ok.” I shrugged. 
    I stepped into the room and sat down on the floor, between my daughter and Emily. Being so close, I could finally get a good look at the girls. Their nipples were practically poking through their shirts, the tight lips of their preteen pussies were beginning to swell and become visible through their panties, and their whole bodies were blushing. They were all constantly shifting position and touching their bodies.
    “Ok, who goes first?” I asked.
    “You do Daddy, Truth or Dare?” My daughter asked.
    “Truth.” I replied.
    “How many women have you been with?” Julia asked out of turn. All of the girls giggled but Lisa was dumbstruck.
    “Julie!” She shrieked in embarrassment.
    “It’s ok. I’ve only been with Lisa’s mother.” I said, lying through my teeth.
    “Come on Mr. Anderson, be honest!” Anna said, nearly bouncing from excitement. 
    “Fine, I think I’ve been with… 23 women.” I said, after counting on my fingers several times. All of the girls’ eyes widened with arousal.
    “So are you really good at it?” Ellen asked. 
    “I already answered one question, you’ll have to wait until my next turn.” I countered. I then turned to my daughter.
    “Ok honey, Truth Or Dare?” I asked.
    “Truth!” She said giddily.
    “How far have you gotten with a boy?” Ellen asked. My daughter’s face went from blushing red to pale white from embarrassment.
    “Daddy…” She began guiltily.
    “It’s ok, go ahead and answer.” I said calmly.
    “I’ve kissed a boy, but that’s it.” She said honestly. Desperate to change the subject, she turned to Anna.
    “Truth Or Dare?” She asked.
    “Dare.” She replied bravely.
    “I dare you to take your shirt off!” Emily called. 
    My cock nearly burst from my pants from the size of my erection. Anna bit her lip and nervously grasped her shirt. All the girls squirmed with excitement as she pulled it up, and I couldn’t help but lick my lips when her breasts finally came into view. They seemed bigger than usual, and her nipples were so pointy that they looked like pencil erasers. I wanted to do nothing more than suck on her nipples and then ejaculate on the two supple mounds.
    “Oh my god, I’ve never been so embarrassed!” She groaned, covering her chest with her arms.
    “It’s ok Anna, they are very lovely.” I said warmly. Anna smiled and lowered her arms.
    “Ok Ellen, Truth Or Dare?” She asked, turning to the Asian girl beside her.
    “Truth.” She responded.
    “Do you wish Mr. Anderson could be your daddy?” She asked. Ellen instantly blushed and all of the girls giggled. My attention was pulled from Anna’s breasts and switched to Ellen’s answer.
    “Yes…” She said nervously. All of the girls giggled even louder, which made her even more nervous.
    “But you all do too! You told me!” She said defensively. All of the girls stopped giggling and bit their lips.
    “It’s ok girls. Tonight, you can all call me Daddy.” I said, unable to believe how well things were going. Ellen turned to Julia.
    “Ok, Truth Or Dare?” She asked.
    “Dare.” Julia answered, trying to sound like a pro.
    “I dare you and Anna to feel each other’s breasts.” I interrupted. 
    The tone of the game instantly changed, as all the girls remembered that I was still playing the game, not just watching. Trying to keep her air of confidence, Julia pulled off her shirt without hesitation, showing everyone her developing breasts. While they were not as big as Anna’s, they still got my blood rushing. She sat down between Anna and Ellen and turned to her bustier friend.
    “Come on, let’s do this.” She said, taking a deep breath.
    Nervously, both girls reached out and placed their hands on each other’s breasts. All the girls gasped with disbelief at the sight, but Julia and Anna both hummed in arousal at each other’s touch. They squeezed each other’s breasts and pinched their nipples, both trying to suppress their horniness. Not only were they enjoying the feeling of their own breasts being squeezed, but also they were relishing the feeling of each other’s breasts in their hands. Even with that testicular prolonger, pre-cum was oozing from the head of my cock and soaking my underwear.
    Ellen looked at Emily.
    “Ok, Truth Or Dare?” She asked.
    “Truth.” Emily stated.
    “Has horseback riding ever given you an orgasm?” I asked. Emily nervously licked her lips.
    “Yes.” She said softly. With Julia and Anna preoccupied, only three girls giggled at her. She then turned to me with a smile.
    “Ok Daddy…” She began, following when I said they could all call me Daddy.
    “Dare.” I said, answering her question before she could ask it.
    “I dare you to take all your clothes off!” She said giddily. All the girls’ attention was taken from Julia and Anna and focused on me.
    “Now girls, I know I’ve been dared, but I really don’t think I should…” I began, again lying.
    “Will you do it if we do it too?” Lisa asked, surprising even me.
    “Ok.” I shrugged. With wide smiles, all the girls stood up and took off their shirts and panties. Ah, life is good.
    All the girls had very small patches of pubic hair over their tight virgin pussies and the cutest ass cheeks I had ever seen. In fact, Ellen even had a camel toe. I just wanted to bury my face between their legs and lick their insides for hours on end. Emily, Lisa, and Ellen were all flat chested, but I still wanted to suck on their pointed nipples.
    “Come on Daddy, we showed you our bodies, now you show us yours.” Julia said with a coy smile. 
    I gained a similar smile and stood up. I pulled off all my clothes and the girls stared in amazement at my full-erect cock. To be honest, I was probably having the biggest boner in my life; I was almost seven inches long. The drugs had taken full affect, and I could see lusting hunger in the girls’ eyes. I sat back down, with my cock still straight up.
    “Alright Lisa, Truth Or Dare?” I asked.
    “Truth.” She said with coyness that I had never seen or heard from her.
    “Do you like to touch yourself?” I asked.
    “Daddy!” She shrieked with a smile. 
    “I do!” Julia said with excitement. All of the girls laughed at her outburst.
    ‘Yeah, big surprise…’ I thought to myself.
    “Alright Julia, how about you show us how you do it?” I asked. 
    The slut-in-training leaned back without hesitation and begin working her fingers between her legs. Everyone was fixated on her hand at the moistening lips of her vagina. The enhanced Ecstasy was energizing their hormones, causing them to be aroused by things that wouldn’t normally arouse them.
    “Come on girls, why should she be the only one to have fun? How about the first girl to have an orgasm will get a special reward.” I said with a smile. All the girls licked their lips in arousal. The game of Truth Or Dare was over, and now the real game was beginning.
    All of the girls leaned back and began rubbing their pussies, stroking the swollen lips and soaking their fingers in their juices. I couldn’t believe how well things were going; I had all five girls in the palm of my hand, and with how well these drugs were working, there was no way they would remember any of this in the morning. They were all panting heavily from the stimulation, and their eyes kept on darting from themselves to each other. I couldn’t tell what was turning them on more: their own touch or the sight and knowledge of them all doing it next to each other.
    Ellen gave the first loud moan as she achieved a climax. Her hand was glistening with juices and her whole body was trembling.
    “Alright, Ellen wins. Now for your prize…” I said as I moved to her. With my hands on her shoulders, I laid her back and crouched down over her sopping wet pussy.
    “What are you going to…” She began. 
    She was cut off as I gave a broad lick of her cunt, sweeping the juices off of the swollen lips of her camel toe. I buried my face between her skinny thighs, trying to force my tongue into her tight cunt. Her pussy seemed to have a sharper taste than I remember other girls having, but I still couldn’t get enough of it. I had wanted to lick her insides for years, and it was even better than I expected. Her pussy was so small and tight that it was like trying to push my tongue into a fist, but it was just so soft and sweet that I couldn’t get enough of it.
    “Oh Daddy!” Ellen moaned, squeezing her nonexistent breasts.
    All of the other girls stared at me in lustful desire, fingering their pussies furiously while wishing they could be Ellen. Their heavy breathing turned to moans as they became more and more aroused. Julia shrieked as she had the next orgasm.
    “Daddy, it’s my turn!” She exclaimed.
    I pulled away from Ellen’s cunt and laid on my back.
    “Come here and sit on my face.” I instructed.
    Julia did as she was told and crouched over me, lowering herself onto my face. She instantly started moaning as I worked my tongue between the looser lips. Because she didn’t have camel toe like Ellen, I was able to work my tongue much farther into her cunt, but because she was still a tiny preteen, that wasn’t too far. Julia had her full weight down on my face, and I was using it to lick her as hard as I could. Her pussy tasted much sweeter than Ellen’s, like hot tea with extra sugar. While I was using my tongue on her pussy, I was using my hands on her cute little ass cheeks, squeezing them, smacking them, and grinding them against my chin.
    Once I was done with her pussy, I grabbed her hips and lifted her up. I moved her over and lowered her back down, burying my face in her tiny ass. I drove my tongue up her asshole, relishing the feeling while I grinded her cheeks against the sides of my face.
    “Oh yes Daddy, that feels so good!” Julia moaned, rubbing her pussy.
    “Girl, you have the cutest little rear I have ever seen. I just want to eat these tiny cheeks of yours.” I groaned, running my tongue around her asshole.
    I heard a shrill moan come from Lisa as she had the next orgasm.
    “My turn!” She said with excitement. 
    I got out from under Julia and smiled. Now I could finally taste Lisa’s sweet young pussy, and the fact that she was my young innocent daughter made it even better. With Anna and Emily still trying to achieve orgasms and Julia and Ellen trying to recover from me violating them with my tongue, I moved up onto the couch/
    “Alright, come over here and lie down on the floor…” I said. 
    My sweet young daughter did as she was told and laid down on the floor in front of the couch. I grasped her ankles and lifted her up, pulling her up onto the back of her neck with her back set against the base of the couch and her ass in the air. She looked so adorable with her tiny pussy and asshole right before my eyes.
    “Do want me to lick your pussy, baby?” I asked, savoring the moment. In reply, she pulled apart her ass cheeks.
    “Please lick me Daddy, make me feel good. I’ll do whatever you want if you please just lick my pussy!” She said with a desperate whine. 
    I wrapped my arms around her and stood up, holding her upside down with her knees against her chest. I took a deep whiff of her sweet young cunt and basically dove in. I buried my lips and chin in her pussy, slurping up all of her orgasmic juices. Hanging upside down, Lisa gave a shrill moan as her father licked her insides. Because she was upside down, I had to suck on her pussy like a vacuum to lick up the juices, making Lisa scream from my aggression. 
    I moved from her pussy to her asshole, tracing the ring with my tongue and then licking her insides. Her pussy and asshole tasted different than Julia’s and Ellen’s, they tasted… familiar. To be honest, Lisa tasted just like her mother. Oh, if only that bitch could see me now.
    Lisa gave another scream as I caused her second orgasm. I have to say, there are few things in my life that can even compare to the feeling I received, knowing that I had just made my twelve-year old daughter cum. With her whole body shaking, I slowly lowered her down to the floor and crouched down. 
    I pressed my lips against hers, giving my daughter a long kiss. I slipped my tongue past her lips and licked the inside of her mouth, savoring the sweet taste of my baby girl’s saliva. After a few seconds, she began kissing me back, wrapping her tongue around mine. While we kissed, I worked my hand between her legs, fingering her wet pussy.
    “Baby, you are an even better kisser than your mother.” I hummed when I finally ended it.
    I looked up and turned my attention to Emily and Anna. They still had not achieved orgasms, but that wasn’t to say they weren’t really trying. They were hollering and arching their backs, but they just couldn’t make that last inch of effort.
    “Ok girls, you can stop. If you can’t do it with your hands then I have another idea.” I said warmly. The two girls looked up at me with shame from not being able to achieve orgasms.
    “Aw, it’s ok girls. Here, just lay down in line with your feet pressed against each other.” I said reassuringly. Both girls regained their smile.
    “Yes Daddy.” They both said sweetly. Ah, I will never get tired of hearing that.
    They laid down on the floor in a straight line with their feet touching.
    “Ok, now scoot closer to each other with your legs interlocked.” I instructed. The girls did as they were told and moved closer to each other with their smooth legs wrapped around each other’s bodies, but they seemed hesitant to let their pussies touch.
    “Ok, now I want you to grind your vaginas together really hard. The harder and faster you do it, the better it will feel.” I said, licking my lips. 
    Anna and Emily were very nervous. While their hormones were driving them crazy, they had never touched each other like this. I took great joy in their nervousness, it was like seeing their innocence still flickering like candles, before I would extinguish them with my cum.
    “Julia and Ellen, I think Emily and Anna are feeling a little stage-fright. How about you do it with them?” I suggested. Nervously, Julia and Ellen got into the same position, but they didn’t let their pussies touch either.
    “Trust me girls, it will feel really good. And if you do it, I’ll let you all do something really special. Lisa, do me a favor and sit up on your knees.” I convinced. My daughter did as she was told and sat up. I wrapped my hand around my erect cock, which was just inches from her face.
    “Ok baby, give it a kiss.” I said with a smile.
    Lisa slowly leaned forward and gave a small peck to the tip of my pecker. A bit of pre-oozed onto her lips from the tiny kiss and she licked it off. All of the girls stared at us, tantalized.
    “Come on honey, you can do better…” I hummed, rubbing the top of her head.
    My sweet young daughter smiled and again pressed her lips against the head of my cock. This kiss was much slower and stronger, messaging the head with her lips.
    “Ok honey, now open your mouth and stick out your tongue.” I said with my voice shaking. 
    With a smile on her face, Lisa opened wide with her tongue resembling a landing strip. I tapped the head of my dick on her tongue and I could feel her salivating with arousal. I slowly pushed it into her mouth, past her lips. With my hand on my daughter’s head, I moved my bulging penis back and forth in her soft mouth. I pushed it deeper into her mouth and she instantly began to gag as the head reached the back of her throat, but I didn’t take it out. 
    I moved my hand to the back of her head and pushed my cock deeper into her throat. Lisa’s eyes rolled back into her head, her jaws hung slack, tears rolled down her cheeks, and saliva dribbled from her lower lip. She finally pulled her head back, gasping for air and leaving my cock with a very thick coating of saliva. To my surprise, she put my cock back in her mouth without me having to coerce her. Her head bobbed back and forth as she sucked her saliva off my dick. I wiped away her tears as she silently blew me. I looked down and realized that she was also stroking her pussy. I just leaned my head back and hummed from the soft feeling of my young daughter sucking me off.
    “See girls, if you do what I tell you to, I’ll let you suck my cock too.” I said with a smile.
    All the girls quickly turned their attention back to each other and closed that last few inches between them. They began rubbing their pussies together energetically, giving shrill moans from their soft lips touching. Julia and Anna were both squeezing their breasts as they vaginally-kissed their partners, but Ellen and Emily were rubbing their pussies with one hand and sucking on the fingers of their other hand. As the preteen girls scissored each other, Lisa continued to suck my cock. 
    I would have given anything to be able to read their minds, because I desperately wished I could see their thought process and their emotions. That combination of regret and intuition telling them to stop, to put their clothes on, and to leave before they made any more mistakes, and their hormones and desires telling them to throw caution to the wind and to do whatever would make them feel good. You could see in their eyes that desperately wanted to stop and they knew what they were doing was sick and wrong, but the drugs in their systems and their hormones were controlling them and making them my little sex slaves. It was truly fascinating, and I can honestly say I was in harem-heaven. 
    “Try kissing each other.” I suggested.
    Eagerly obeying, Julia began kissing Anna, while Ellen began kissing Emily. Because they were scissoring their partners and constantly moving, many of their kisses didn’t fully connect, but strings of saliva could still be seen stretching between their lips. Their tongues were briefly touching as they licked each other’s lips, exchanging saliva and savoring the taste.
    Finally, all four girls had gushing orgasms, soaking the lips of each other’s pussies with their own juices. They all quickly separated and rushed over, hungry for my cock. By now, they had no idea what would make them feel good and what wouldn’t, but they were desperate for anything and they would do whatever anyone told them to do.
    Lisa gave it up, but not without a fight. With her hormones so energized that she was nearly having a seizure, Julia shoved my daughter out of the way and wrapped her lips around my manhood, sucking in it hungrily. Damn, she was definitely going to grow up to be a slut.
    While Julia sucked my cock, I took turns making out with the other girls. Their tiny little mouths were so soft and so sweet, I couldn’t help but lick every corner as I tasted their saliva. After a few seconds of blowing me, Julia reluctantly gave it up to Ellen. The cute little Korean girl was only able to take half of my dick, but she massaged it with every corner of her soft mouth.
    “While one of you is sucking my cock, I want another girl to lick my balls.” I ordered, but with kindness. 
    Anna took on this role. While Ellen blew me, Anna had my balls in her mouth and was sucking on them hungrily. I then laid down on the floor and pulled Emily over to me. Before she could say anything, I moved her over my head and buried my face in her preteen cunt. She hollered and moaned as she felt my tongue reaching into her body and violating her.
    Just before I could begin licking her asshole, Emily got off me to take her turn to suck my cock while Julia juggled my balls with her small tongue. Still hungry for pussy, I pulled Anna over to me and she took Emily’s place. As I ate out the young girl’s snatch, I again went over the whole night in my mind. I still couldn’t believe how well everything was going! I had already had my face buried in every girl’s ‘gates of paradise’, and now they were fighting over who would get to give me a blowjob!
    “Ok girls, that’s enough.” I said. All of the girls moved away from me and I sat up with a smile.
    “I have a question for all of you; have any of you lost your virginity?” I asked. To my surprise, it was Anna who raised her hand, not Julia.
    “Anna, you?! How?!” I asked in disbelief.
    “I was fingering myself while horseback riding and I think I burst my hymen. I just get so horny when I’m riding them…” She said sheepishly.
    “Well as much as I wish I could deflower you myself, it’s good that you’ve already lost your virginity. How would you like to help put a show on for the rest of us?” I asked with a smile.
    “Really? Can I?” She asked giddily.
    “Sure. Lisa, could you go up into my bedroom and grab the brown paper bag underneath my bed?” I asked.
    “Ok Daddy!” She said with the same excitement as Anna. 
    As she ran naked up the stairs, my eyes were fixed on her cute little ass cheeks. I was already hungry for her pussy. She came back down a few seconds later and handed me the bag. I reached inside and pulled out the strap-on dildo. Of the girls’ eyes widened at the sight.
    “Ok baby, put this on.” I said as I handed it to Lisa.
    Nervously, she stepped into the harness and pulled it up. I must admit, there are few things more unnatural than a twelve-year old girl wearing nothing but a strap-on. 
    “Ok Anna, now lay down and spread your legs. Lisa, you suspend yourself over her.” Instructed.
    Anna laid back and Lisa held herself over her friend on her hands and knees, with the strap-on bouncing in the air with every movement.
    “Ok baby, now give her a nice French kiss…” I said as I licked her lips. 
    Nervously, Lisa lowered her head and kissed Anna, slipping her tongue into her mouth. As they kissed, I had Julia and Emily in my lap, grinding their pussies against my thighs. I was constantly switching between kissing them and sucking on their pointing nipples. Their sweet flat breasts tasted so sweet, it was as if their nipples were coated in sugar. Ellen was watching all of us with such focus and arousal that she couldn’t help but touch herself.
    “Ok Lisa, now put the toy inside her, all the way.” I hummed while I bit my lip. 
    Lisa gripped the dildo and pressed the again against the lips of her friend’s pussy. Anna cooed with arousal as the large rubber toy probed her gently.
    “Come on honey, push it in all the way. Don’t stop no matter what Anna does.” I said, breathing deeply and quickly.
    “Ok Daddy.” My daughter hummed. 
    She slowly pushed the dildo into Anna’s tiny body and the young girl cried out from the penetration. Lisa stopped the second Anna began moaning in pain and writhing wildly to lessen the feeling.
    “Keep going and hold her down if she tries to get up.” I ordered, savoring the look on Anna’s face.
    Not wanting to hurt her friend, but completely obedient to me, she locked her eyes shut and forced the dildo into Anna’s pussy all the way. The young girl screamed in pain from the brutal penetration and tried to get out from under Lisa, but my daughter pinned her down.
    “Ok, now pull it almost all the way out and ram back in. Do that over and over again as fast and hard as you can and don’t stop until I tell you to.” I ordered,
    “No, please don’t.” Anna whimpered. I moved over to her with one of the ball gags and forced it into her mouth. The preteen naked and gagged was one of the sexiest things I had ever seen.
    “I’m sorry.” Lisa whispered as she pulled the dildo out. 
    The toy accidently came out all the way, so she had to put it in with one hand. She slowly pushed it in and Anna whimpered through the gag in her mouth. For the second time, Lisa pulled the dildo back, but this time she was able to keep the last inch inside of her. With one large thrust, she forced the dildo all the way into Anna’s pussy and the young girl cried out through her gag.
    In a very awkward rhythm, she began pulling out and thrusting forward with the dildo, driving it up in her friend. Anna continuously cried through her gag from pain and humiliation as we all watched her getting raped by her friend. The two naked preteens held each other as Lisa violated Anna again and again with the toy.
    Finally, she gave a particularly loud scream and I could tell that she had just had an orgasm. I removed the ball gag, which had a thick layer of saliva. I gave it to Julia, who put it in her mouth and sucked on it like a pacifier. Anna was completely limp and panting heavily.
    “So how did you like that?” I asked.
    “Please don’t stop, it felt so good.” She whimpered.
    “I thought it would. Now get on your hands and knees, and Lisa, sit up behind her and keep going, this time with your hands on her hips.” I instructed. 
    The two girls did as I told them and got into the described position. Lisa pushed the first inch of the dildo into Anna’s pussy, and once she was sure it wouldn’t fall out, she put her hands on Anna’s hips and used them to hold on as she forced the dildo in all the way. Anna moaned from the feeling of the toy penetrating her and Lisa regained the rhythm she had learned from when she fucked her in the missionary position.
    Ellen, Emily, Julia, and I all sat in front of her, watching as my daughter fucked Anna in the doggie style. Her face was constantly contorted from the pleasure and pain of the toy violating her tiny frail body, while behind her, Lisa was panting from the exercise of thrusting into Anna and her small breasts were bouncing with each drive.
    Deciding to take it further, I got up on my knees and hefted my penis in her face.
    “Come on honey, suck on it.” I grunted as I forced it into her mouth. 
    Anna was driven back and forth by my daughter’s thrusts, forcing my cock deeper and deeper into her throat. Watching Anna be violated from both ends, the other girls rubbed each other’s pussies and kissed. 
    After about a minute, I pulled my cock out of the preteen’s soft wet mouth and Lisa dismounted her. Anna collapsed and became limp, gasping for air.
    “Ok Lisa, take off that strap-on, I want all of you girls to form a ring with everyone licking each other the way I licked you.” I said, sitting on the couch with a smile.
    Hornier than ever before, the girls scrambled to follow my instructions, forming the ring I had described. Without any hesitation, they all began to eat each other out, burying their faces into each other’s snatches. I couldn’t help but smile at my luck; I was looking down at five twelve-year old girls, who had formed a ring of pussy licking. My own daughter was among them, licking the wet bruised lips of Anna’s pussy, while her best friend licked her own. I could almost feel their consciences telling them to stop as I touched each other in ways they had never done before, very inappropriate and… intimate ways.
    “Ok girls, that’s enough. Come up here on the couch.” I said, patting the cushions beside me. They all quickly broke the ring and climbed up onto the couch, shoving each other out of the way to get closer to me.
    “Ok, who wants to lose their virginity and get fucked? Who wants to have this deep inside them…” I asked as I stroked my throbbing cock. I wanted to fuck these little vixens so hard that I couldn’t think straight.
    “Me Daddy! Please fuck me first!” Lisa said with a smile. Those were the most beautiful words I had ever heard.
    “Alright baby, climb onto my lap.” I chuckled. 
    She swung her leg over me and crouched over my erect phallus. I hesitated for several seconds to kiss her and suck on her pointing nipples, making her hum in bliss. Finally, I pressed the head of my cock against the lips. I couldn’t tell which was hotter; her wet pussy or my throbbing dick. Lisa hummed and purred as she felt me gently prod her vagina.
    “Do you like that, baby? Do you like the head of your daddy’s cock against the lips of your tight virgin pussy?” I asked, unable to enjoy it more than I was now.
    “Yes Daddy, please put it in me. Please put your cock in my tiny pussy. Fuck me Daddy, please fuck me!” She groaned in anticipation. All of the girls were crouched around us in anticipation, licking their lips and touching their clits. 
    I put my hands on my daughter’s narrow hips and slowly pushed my cock up into her. Holy shit, her pussy was tight! She cried out as I entered her tight wet body, violating her with my manhood. I slowly pulled her down, forcing my cock into her inch by inch. Her young immature body could barely handle the penetration and her cries of pain were showing that. With every centimeter that I entered her, her pussy was stretched farther and farther.
    “Oh god Daddy, it hurts! It’s too big!” She cried, nearly on the verge of tears. Before I replied, I had Emily hand me the paper bag with all the sex toys. I reached in and pulled out one of the ball gags, then put it in Lisa’s mouth and secured the strap.
    “Sorry baby, but it’s about to hurt a lot more.” I said as I slammed her down onto my lap, forcing my entire cock into her tiny body and violently tearing through her hymen. I took a deep shuddering breath from the realization that I had just taken my preteen daughter’s virginity.
    With the gag stifling her voice, Lisa screamed in pain from my aggression as her blood oozed down the shaft of my cock. Trying to recover from being brutally deflowered, Lisa was shaking all over and gripping my shoulders with saliva oozing from the gag in her mouth. I lifted her up and slammed her back down, making her cry out again, but not nearly as loud.
    Picking up her tiny body as if it were nothing, I began pumping her up and down on my cock, fucking her like a ragdoll. After ten thrusts, Lisa’s screams of pain turned to moans of ecstasy as I fucked her wildly. As my daughter bounced up and down on my erect penis, the four girls around us were writhing like snakes, looking for some form of stimulation. They stroked the lips of their cunts, kissed each other and me, and sucked on Lisa’s nipples as she bounced up and down.
    After several minutes, Lisa gave a shrill moan as she had her first orgasm with my cock inside her. She collapsed and I had to gently lower her down to the floor. With my lap open, Julia pounced on me.
    “Please fuck me Daddy! Fuck me like you fucked her!” She begged.
    “Ok Julia, I’ll take your virginity too.” I said chuckled before kissing her. 
    Julia then secured the gag that I had given to her after being used by Anna and wrapped her hand around my still erect phallus. With great aggression for her age, she guided my cock into the soft lips of her pussy and pushed it in herself. Her pussy was as tight as my daughter’s, but just as wet and soft. With a scream of pain, she pushed my cock in all the way without me having to do anything. Snarling and howling like an animal, she violated herself with my manhood. Without any help, she forced me inside her and basically ripped away her virginity, using me like a mere dildo.
    With blood oozing from her forcefully ruptured hymen, she gritted through the pain and started bouncing in my lap, relishing the pleasure and pain and the feeling of me fucking her. As she moved up and down, her friends ran their hands along our bodies and kissed her soft flesh, taking extra time to lick her lips and her small breasts. 
    Once she came, I lifted her off my cock and let Emily climb into my lap. Just as I was about to guide my cock to her snatch, Anna climbed on top of me, sitting in front of Emily.
    “Daddy, while you’re fucking Emily, can you please suck my boobies?” She pleaded. I couldn’t help but laugh at the last word that came out of her mouth, reminded that she really was just a twelve-year old girl. 
    “Ok honey, just let me get inside Emily first…” I hummed. 
    Trying to see around Anna, I secured one of the gags in Emily’s mouth and pressed the head of my cock against the lips of her pussy, which were soaking wet from anticipation and impatience. I then moved my hands onto her hips and forced my cock into her, ignoring her teary cries of pain and violating her with my erect cock. She gave a particularly loud and painful scream as I rammed her hymen, sending more blood streaming down my shaft and onto my balls.
    Having to hold up her limp body, I slammed her up and down on my cock, fucking her like a tiny blowup doll. It took her a while to recover from the pain and become responsive, but eventually she was bouncing on my manhood with the same enthusiasm and horniness of the other girls, having already gotten over (or forgotten) how I painfully and brutally ripped away her virginity and violated her.
    As Emily bounced up and down like a kid on a pogo stick on… basically my pogo stick, I was lathering Anna’s luscious young tits with my tongue, while Ellen was sitting on the floor on her knees, sucking on my ball sack. Down on the floor, Julia and Lisa were scissoring each other as hard and fast as they could and moaning through their gags.
    While I was having a preteen girl straddling my cock, my mind was elsewhere. I was really looking forward to fucking Ellen for her tiny tight camel toe and fucking Anna for her nice loosened pussy. After four tiny virgins, I really needed something that wouldn’t strangle my cock.
    Emily finally had her orgasm and nearly passed out from the experience. Anna had to actually get off of me so that I could catch Emily and slowly lower her to the floor. With my lap open, Anna took the position, this time with her back to me. She laid against me, rubbing the shaft of my cock between her thighs while I kissed her neck. 
    “Oh Daddy, I wish you could take my virginity.” She purred.
    “That’s ok sweetie, I’ve been looking forward to pummeling your soft loose cunt.” I grunted as I rubbed the bruised lips, still swollen from the pummeling she had received from my daughter fucking her with the strap-on.
    In reply, Anna sat up with her hands on the back of the couch and her feet on the cushions, holding herself up over me. It looked like it was time for my exercise… I pushed my lips into her pussy, giving a sigh of relief from how much looser it was compared to the other girls. It was like comparing a blowjob to anal sex.
    With my hands on her hips, I began driving upwards with my cock, fucking her like an upside-down jackhammer. She had the softest pussy of all the girls, and with every thrust, it was like her pussy was convulsing to massage every square centimeter. Anna released a continuous shrill wine as I forced my manhood up into her tiny body over and over again every second. Down on the floor, Ellen had her tongue sticking out and was holding her head still as my balls slapped her face. 
    It took five minutes to get Anna to have an orgasm, and I needed another three to catch my breath. While I sat on the couch and panted, Julia and Emily were licking each other’s bruised pussies and Anna was fucking my daughter with the strap-on, almost as a form of revenge.
    “Please fuck me Daddy, I’ve been really good!” Ellen begged, bouncing on my lap.
    “Ok honey, put one of those gags in your mouth and lie down on the arm rest.” I said, finally catching my breath. Desperate to be violated, Ellen gagged herself with the sex toy and perched herself on the armrest like a cat that you would see in a hilarious email.
    I stepped behind her, licking my lips as I ran my hands over her tiny rear end. This was going to feel really good and be reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally tight. I just had to hope the skin on my dick wouldn’t be ripped off from the friction. I pressed my head against her lips and cursed. This was going to be reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally tight. 
    “Lisa, could you come here for a second?” I asked. My daughter dismounted the strap-on and rushed over, desperate to do anything I said. 
    “Do you think you could suck me off a little and lube me up to violate your friend? I’ll also need a little help getting all the way inside of her.” I asked innocently. 
    With a smile on her face, she put my whole cock on her mouth, licking her friends’ juices off of the shaft. After ten seconds of blowing me, she pulled it out and left a large glob of spit on the tip. I moved over behind Ellen and again pressed the head against her camel toe. I slowly began to push it in and Ellen gave a painful whine, becoming louder and louder with every millimeter. 
    Lisa spread Ellen’s ass cheeks and spat on her asshole, letting it ooze down onto the shaft of my cock. With my daughter’s saliva lubricating my cock, I slowly pushed it in inch-by-inch, making Ellen’s cries louder and louder. Lisa spat on it again, and with her help, I forced it in all the way and ruptured her hymen. Ellen was in tears from the pain and her pussy was stretched so far that I thought I was going to literally split her in half.
    After Lisa spat on my cock as I pulled it out, I began moving in the rhythm that I had gained from years of practice. Moving through Ellen was like trying to fuck a clenched fist! But the tightness and Ellen’s cries of pain let me ignore how uncomfortable I was and begin fucking her. With every thrust, her tiny camel toe stretched even farther, letting me increase in speed. After a minute of warming up, I had reached my natural speed, hammering the tiny Korean girl so hard and so fast that the house was filled with the sound of her tiny ass clapping against my thighs. With my hands on her hips, I was practically lifting her off the couch to force my cock into her petite body as hard and fast as possible. Finally, Ellen screamed into her gag as she had a painful orgasm.
    I pulled my cock out of her frail body and Lisa instantly took my place, licking her bruised cunt hungrily. I was panting heavily and my cock was really aching. It didn’t hurt nearly enough for me to want to stop, but I would definitely need something if I were going to last longer…
    Moving quickly so as not to keep the girls waiting, I rushed into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of olive oil. If this orgy were to continue, I would need to take a page out of the book of the orgy champions: the Greeks. I gave a sigh of relief and came back.
    “Ok girls, gather around.” I said with a smile. All of the girls got down on their knees in front of me, resembling a group of cats waiting for food.
    “Now that I took all of your virginities, I’ve got one last toy for you girls…” I said as I reached into the bag and held up the double-headed dildo. The twelve-year old girls stared at the toy with their eyes wide, licking their lips.
    “But first let make it easier for us. Here, spread this on each other.” I said as I unscrewed the cap of the olive oil bottle.
    “But Daddy, won’t we make a mess?” Emily asked.
    “Trust me girls, I would pour olive oil on every surface of this house if it meant I could keep fucking your sweet cunts.” I hummed. 
    All of the girls smiled and I began to pour the thick yellow fluid on their skinny bodies, giving them all a lustrous shine. They giggled as they rubbed all over their bodies and each other, running their hands across their friends’ naked flesh while they took turns kissing. I began stroking my shaft and Lisa took to message. She opened her mouth and let a bit of the oil fill her mouth, then without spilling any, began sucking my cock. She lathered it with the oil while using her hands to coat my balls.
    “So how do we use this?” Julia asked as she looked at the double-headed dildo.
    “Two of you put it inside yourselves and then move back and forth to fuck each other. You can either do it with your legs locked like when you rubbed your pussies together, or do it while on your hands and knees.” I instructed as my daughter applied the olive oil to my cock, via her soft mouth.
    With ecstatic looks on their faces, Julia and Emily began lathering the toy with the oil while running their tongues up it, wishing that it were my cock. Once it was nice and slippery, they got on their hands and knees and each inserted one of the heads into their tiny pussies, giving soft moans as the toy penetrated them. Before going any further, they each put their gags back on. 
    Giving shaking but loud moans, the two preteens began moving back and forth, forcing the toy deeper into their pussies and letting their glistening oiled asses clap together. I licked my lips as I watched them slam their asses together over and over again, moaning on their hands and knees as saliva ran from their gagged lips and olive oil dripped from their bouncing nipples. 
    Finally, I decided I wanted to get back to fucking. I pulled my cock from my daughter’s mouth and she turned around, getting on her hands and knees and shaking her ass. I crouched down and pushed my cock up inside of her, entering without any resistance. Even though she was deflowered just over ten minutes ago and she was still a tiny twelve-year old, the olive oil was working like a dream. 
    As I worked back and forth in my daughter, Anna and Ellen were scissoring each other, relishing the feeling of their slippery pussies grinding aggressively and moaning shrilly. After a minute, I dismounted Lisa and moved over to Ellen. Anna moved away from her, giving me room to push my cock into her. With Ellen on her side and me sitting on my heels, I rammed her camel toe with her ankle up on my shoulder. She cried out, still sore and tight, even after I had brutally deflowered her. 
    Behind me, Lisa and Anna were in the 69 position, gorging each other on hot young snatch. With my mind desiring a change of scenery, I pulled out of Ellen and moved over to Emily and Julia. I laid down on the floor and Julia moved onto my lap, guiding my cock inside of her. Instantly picking up her previous rhythm, she began bouncing up and down on my dick. As she straddled my manhood, I pulled Emily’s pussy onto my face, sending my tongue as far up into the slippery wet lips as possible.
    At this point, my sense of reality was suddenly mixed and I became completely unaware of what I was doing. All I got were brief flashes of my actions, and then it would go back to being a blurry oiled mess. In one quick flash, I was getting sucked off by Emily, who was getting eaten out by Julia, who was getting muff-munched by Anna, who was getting her pussy licked by Ellen, who was getting fucked by Lisa with the strap-on. At another flash, I had Anna bent over the couch while Julia licked my balls and the corner of Anna’s cunt where my cock was entering her. In the next flash, Emily was hanging upside-down with only the back of her head and neck against the floor and her ass in the air. As I fucked her cunt, Julia was crouched over her, licking the inside of her mouth. Anna, who was sucking Lisa’s nipples, was fucking Julia with the strap-on. Next to us, Ellen was fingering herself and deep-throating the double-dildo.
    One flash lasted longer than the others and it was one that I particularly enjoyed. All five girls were bent over the couch with their mouths gagged and their hands tied behind their backs with their panties. I was crouched down, taking turns licking each girl’s asshole. I would slather their rear ends with olive oil, massage and squeeze the soft cheeks, and send my tongue up inside their assholes. All the girls softly moaned through their gags from the intimate touching.
    Finally I stood up and poured fresh olive oil on my cock. This was the final frontier… if you get my drift. I crouched down and spread my daughter’s oiled ass cheeks. I pressed the head against her tight little asshole and Lisa whimpered in fear. In one great thrust, forced my cock into my daughter’s asshole, making her scream in pain. I grunted in pain as well, for her asshole was even tighter than Ellen’s pussy. But with her anus full of olive oil, it was definitely tolerable, and it was a much different feeling than regular vaginal sex. While the tightness is uncomfortable, the fact that it’s a circular hole instead of a slit means that it applies the same pressure from all angles and feels like your cock fits perfectly.
    I reached back and slammed my cock into her asshole, making her scream in pain again. With tears streaming down her face, Lisa could do nothing but give muffled screams through her gag as I anally violated her. But as usual, her screams of pain were eventually replaced with moans of ecstasy. By now, her asshole had been stretched wide and was much more comfortable. 
    I pulled my cock out and spat in her asshole, dropping it in with perfect aim. I then moved down the line, violating all the girls in the same way. I would ignore their screams of pain and whimpers of fear as I tore through their assholes, knowing that it wouldn’t take long for them to start loving it. True to my belief, they would basically be begging for it when I would pull out.
    As I moved down the line, the girls would try to comfort each other through the painful anal violation. They would nuzzle each other like cats as I forced my cock into their tiny bodies, trying to help each other get through the pain. The line was finished with Ellen, and as I had expected, her asshole was the tightest. It was so tight that I think I might have even torn it when I brutalized her. 
    With anal sex now on the table, we went back to our usual system of switching between sex positions. Like before, I was blacking out over and over again, only getting flashes of my actions.
    At one point, I was holding Ellen off the ground as I slammed her onto my lap over and over, forcing my cock into her tight asshole. Beside me, Lisa was laying on her stomach with one end of the double dildo in her ass. The other end was in Julia’s pussy, who was holding herself up in a crab walk and crouching down to fuck the two of them.
    I blacked out and woke up with Emily bent over the couch and my cock in her anus. Below us was Lisa, looking up at us and rubbing her pussy. I pulled my dick out of Emily’s rear and Lisa hungrily began sucking on it, savoring the taste of her friend’s asshole. I then put it in Emily’s pussy and began hammering her while Lisa licked my balls.
    At the next flash, Julia was on her hands and knees with one end of the double dildo in her pussy and the other end in Lisa’s mouth. Emily was standing over her, ramming her asshole with the dildo. I was in front of her, forcing her to suck my cock. Beside us, Anna and Ellen were touching themselves at the sight of their friend being violated in all three openings like a little fuck-slave getting gangbanged.
    I blacked out again and woke up on the couch. Anna was upside down with her back against the couch and her head and neck against the floor. I was standing over her, forcing my cock into her asshole. While I fucked her, Ellen was sitting on her face and licking her pussy.
    I blacked out one last time and woke up on my feet. Lisa was on her knees with her mouth open and her tongue sticking out. Her friends were crouched around her with excitement on their faces. I looked down at my dick in my hand and almost screamed. I looked over to the cable box clock and shuddered. I had been fucking these five girls for almost three hours and my cock was in bad shape. The veins were swollen and dark and every square inch of flesh was bruised. My phallus looked like it was turning gangrenous and it felt like it too. It felt like I had been tazed in the groin! This was the kind of thing you would go to the hospital for because of too much Viagra…
    My cock was still hard, but my testicular prolonger had kicked out and I was moments away from spraying my entire load. My cock hurt so bad that I almost wanted to cry, but if I didn’t finish this, I would regret it forever.
    “Lisa… honey… can you please suck me a little?” I asked, Worry filled my daughter’s eyes and she realized I was in pain. She nodded and wrapped her lips around my aching cock, sucking on it tenderly and gently. I moaned as her soft lips and cheeks took away a lot of the pain.
    “Ok sweetie, I’m ok. Just keep your mouth open.” I sighed as I rubbed the top of her head.
    “Yes Daddy.” She said with a sweet smile.
    I wrapped my hand around my cock and began jacking it, wincing from the pain. My entire lower body was completely exhausted, but my cock and balls were desperate to ejaculate so that my erection would go away. I groaned as I finally came, having the biggest orgasm in my entire life. Thick ropes of hot cum shot from my cock and sprayed Lisa’s tongue, completely filling her mouth and overflowing down her chin. She closed her lips and a second jet coated her face.
    “Don’t swallow it honey, wash around in your mouth and then spit it into Julia’s mouth. Julia, do the same thing and give it to Anna. All of you go through the cycle until I tell you to stop.” I sighed with my whole body shaking. I sat down on the couch with my cock deflating to the point that it almost went up into my body.
    Lisa washed her father’s cum around in her mouth for several seconds, then held her head over Julia’s open and smiling mouth. She poured the sperm and saliva into Julia’s mouth and the young slut eagerly took it. She gargled it like mouthwash for several seconds, licking her lips and rubbing her pussy with it.
    As my seed made it’s way through the five girls over and over again, I held my head in my hands and tried to ignore the throbbing pain coursing from my placid phallus. Each girl took a turn with the mouthful of sperm/spit mixture, washing it in their mouths and savoring the taste of my cum. I stopped them when it came back to Lisa. Much of the semen had been swallowed, but the collective saliva of all the girls had replaced every drop taken.
    “Ok honey, I’ll let you swallow all of it since you’re my baby girl.” I hummed with a tired smile. 
    My daughter raised her head and swallowed the cum, taking a deep breath afterwards.
    “Thank you Daddy.” She said sweetly as her friends licked my cum off her face. 
    They than began to kiss, trying to steel every last glob of semen from each other’s mouths. More exhausted than ever before in my life, I struggled to speak. Once those drugs wore off, the girls wouldn’t remember anything, but I still had to eliminate all traces of our little sexcapade.
    “Ok girls, I want you to get dressed and put all the sex toys back in the paper bag. Then I’ll clean up this mess so that it will… look like… it never… happened…” I droned, trailing off as I passed out from sheer exhaustion. The last thing I heard was all the girls giggling.

    “Come on Daddy, wake up! You’ve been asleep long enough!” I heard a soft voice plead. I slowly opened my eyes and groaned. I was lying on the couch, facing the girls. All six of us were still naked and Lisa had my cock in her mouth. Anna put her hand on Lisa’s mouth, telling her she could stop.
    I looked at the clock and realized it was almost noon. Ho… ly… shit. I had passed out before I could clean up the mess and the girls knew I had raped them. Images of a courtroom and prison flashed through my mind as I fully realized that I was guilty of sexual assault, purchasing and possession of illegal drugs, and child molestation, and I had five girls who would prove it. Those drugs never even erased their memories!
    “Daddy, will you please make us pancakes?” Ellen pleaded.
    “Wha… what?” I asked, thinking I was dreaming.
    “Ellen, the night is over, we have to go back to calling him Mr. Anderson.” Anna reminded her.
    “No… it’s fine… you can call me whatever you want. But what did you say?” I asked, sitting up and rubbing the tiredness from my eyes. 
    “Will you please make us pancakes? We’ll all suck your cock if you make us pancakes!” Julia begged. I gave a sigh of relief.
    “Sure, I’ll make you all pancakes. But you don’t have to suck my cock, I’d be happy to do it. Besides, I’m a little sore today…” I yawned. 
    With smiles on their faces, all the girls kissed me on the cheek and rushed to the kitchen. I couldn’t help but grim as my eyes followed their slender naked bodies. They knew I had raped them and they either didn’t know how to react to it, were too young to completely understand what I had done and be traumatized, or most likely, they loved it and couldn’t wait for our next group fling.
    I then looked around at the mess we had made in the living room and then raised my voice so that the girls would hear me.
    “Girls, you might have to wait a little bit. I have to go to the store and get another bottle of cooking oil!” I hollered.



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